Refrigerant Tools                                                                                                              

Cylinder Racks

Stay organized with our incredibly Quiet Van Racks.  Racks can be configured to hold 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 tanks and they come with an adjustable heavy duty mounting kit.  Amazing what dense vinyl powder coating can do to unwanted noise…and it’s easy on the tank too.  Easy in, easy out…and there is even room for a Mongoose or LX under the bottom rack.  No wasted space here.  Finally, you don't have to listen to all that rattling and no more dents!


Refrigerant Recovery and Repair

The first step to refrigeration repair is refrigerant recovery.

Sounds so easy…but first you have to carry your refrigerant pump (hope it works this time), tank (damn, this thing is heavy), gauges and tool kit (wish I had two more hands).

If you are tired before you even start, we can help.