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Our patented technology (dual-solenoid linear reciprocating piston…a long name for a simple concept) responds directly to the needs for a reliable, small, efficient, high quality, electronically controllable pump and compressor.  Dual solenoid technology is arguably the most controllable technology on the market, and does not leak nor require any lubrication.

This unique disruptive technology is at the core of an entirely new class of pumps and compressors built for moving and metering liquids and vapors in a wide variety of harsh environments…even in a frozen state.  There is simply nothing like it.

This simplicity comes from the fact that there is only one moving part in the pump…the piston.  The flow through piston is magnetically and electronically controlled in a hermetically sealed environment…impossible to leak.  Inherent in this patented technology is unsurpassed quality, durability and pump life.  The pump does not need priming, can handle all fluids, vapors and can even pump a vacuum.  This technology also allows our pumps to run dry and never requires lubrication. 

Maintenance is limited to replacing the elastomers (two check valves, two bumpers and one o-ring) when the owner notices the pump shows signs of not pumping as fast as it did when it was new (note…it continues to pump, unlike other pumps that just stop working).  This maintenance is a simple process best performed by our quick turn-around factory technicians. Contact us to schedule maintenance.

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Refrigerant Recovery and Repair

The first step to refrigeration repair is refrigerant recovery.

Sounds so easy…but first you have to carry your refrigerant pump (hope it works this time), tank (damn, this thing is heavy), gauges and tool kit (wish I had two more hands).

If you are tired before you even start, we can help.