Refrigerant Tools                                                                                                              

System Procedure


1. Isolate component to be flushed Condenser or Evaporator Coil

  2. Check pressure in receiver tank, bleed non-condensable gasses as required
  3. Attach the “BOSS” device as shown
  4. Start pump, open valves to receiver tank, inlet pressure switch will light
  5. Flood component with flushing refrigerant until liquid is visible in sight glass, shut off flushing refrigerant, position in an inverted position to allow liquid to drain towards pump
  6. Pump until pressure switch lights, then flood again
  7. Pump until pressure switch lights
  8. Continue to cycle fluid until no residue shows in sight glass, usually 2-3 times

Refrigerant Recovery and Repair

The first step to refrigeration repair is refrigerant recovery.

Sounds so easy…but first you have to carry your refrigerant pump (hope it works this time), tank (damn, this thing is heavy), gauges and tool kit (wish I had two more hands).

If you are tired before you even start, we can help.